Volume : VII, Issue : V, May - 2017

Demonetization and After–shocks In Indian Economy–A Survey

Goutam Bhattacharya

Abstract :

 Demonetization of economy is a splendid idea to revive the economy which is driven by jobless growth. From 1971 to 2000 six countries goes to demonetized their economy,viz– North Korea, Myanmar, Soviet Union, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Ghana. The result of demonetization in case of these countries was not a pleasant one. Lack of demand in the market severely impact in the volume of business and investment. But the recent experience of demonetization in Indian economy tells a very different story. After remonitization of Indian economy a more transparent and strong scenario is appeå in respect of investment and growth. This paper emphasizes in various facets of demonetization and aftershocks in Indian economy, like–Investment shocks, remonitization, accounting profit, tax reform, cashless economy.

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Goutam Bhattacharya, Demonetization and After–shocks In Indian Economy–A Survey, INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH : Volume‾7 | Issue‾5 | May‾2017

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