Volume : I, Issue : X, July - 2012

Design and Optimatization, Weight Reduction of Rear Axle Banjo Housing for Light Weight Vechicle.

S Surya Narayana

Abstract :

This paper describes the analysis of Design and optimization, Weigh Reduction of Rear Axle Banjo housing for Light Weight Vehicle using. This paper also discusses several other points of interest in the analysis. These include the vehicle dynamics, Sheet metal designs, Formability, Finite Element Analysis and Manufacturing Process. This paper is rear axle housings for pickup truck comparison between the Salisbury and Banjo type. Actually the Salisbury model is being currently employed on the project vehicle, so the purpose of this project is to design Banjo axle housing which would be better in terms of strength and reduce weight as compared to the existing model. Rear axle assemblies include a number of components which are adapted to transmit rotational power from an engine of the vehicle to the wheels thereof. Before final assembly of axle housing it has to be analyzed to make sure that it withstands impact and heavy load for safety. Engineering stress estimation is very essential to find safety of the structure. Stress analysis gives prior idea of the structure for optimum results. Many methods like Analytical, Experimental and Numerical methods are available to estimate stress and strain estimates on the problem. But Analytical methods are suitable for simple problems, and Experimental methods are difficult to apply and will not complete information of the problem. Due to this numerical methods are dominated in the stress analysis field. Implementation of Finite Element Methods for structural analysis is possible due to the emergence of fast computing technology. The accuracy of the numerical methods directly depends on the quality of the mesh. So Rear axle assembly design and cad model in Catia V5, Meshing in Hyper mesh, software along with Abacus, Formability analysis in Fast form is considered for analysis. I would compare Salisbury and Banjo rear axle assemblies with respective of strength, weight reduction. The weight of Banjo axle housing is 58.5 kg and Salisbury axle housing is 68.5kg. Directly weight saving 10kgs in rear axle housing, this paper would provide a systematic approach to design and optimization Weigh Reduction of Rear Axle Banjo housing assembly.

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S Surya Narayana Design and Optimatization, Weight Reduction of Rear Axle Banjo Housing for Light Weight Vechicle. Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.I, Issue.X July 2012

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