Volume : I, Issue : X, July - 2012

Design of Road Side Drainage

Mehul L. Patel, Prof. N. G. Raval

Abstract :

Provision of sufficient drainage is an important factor in the location and geometric design of highways. Drainage facilities on any highway or street should be adequately provided for the flow of water away from the surface of the pavement to properly designed channels. Inadequate drainage will eventually result in serious damage to the highway structure. In addition, traffic may be slowed by accumulated water on the pavement, and accidents may occur as a result of hydroplaning and loss of visibility from splash and spray. The highway engineer is concerned primarily with two sources of water. The first, surface water which occurs as rain or snow. Some of this is absorbed into the soil, and the remainder remains on the surface of the ground and should be removed from the highway pavement. Drainage for this source of water is referred to as surface drainage. The second source is ground water which flows in underground streams. This may become important in highway cuts or at locations where a high water table exists near the pavement structure. Drainage for this source is referred to as subsurface drainage.

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