Volume : VI, Issue : X, October - 2016

Duodenal perforation� A prospective study of one year

Dr. Mritunjay Kumar, Dr. Apurva Kumar Rajan

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 Introduction: Duodenal perforation is still the most common surgical emeregency in our country. Perforated peptic ulcer is a serious complication of peptic ulcers with potential risk of grave complications .This study was carried out to document etiologies, clinical features and management of duodenal perforation and to share our experience.Material and methods: In this study, 80 cases of Duodenal perforation were included. Study was done in surgery department of JLNMCH, Bhagalpur, Bihar from September 2015 to September 2016. Thorough examination, investigations and surgeries were performed. Results: Peptic ulcer disease was the commonest cause of duodenal perforation in 60 patients. Males accounted for 65% and females for 15% patients. X–ray chest PA view erect was diagnostic of pneumoperitoneum in 75 patients. All ulcer perforations were small < 1 cm in diameter on the anterior portion of the first part of the duodenum and were repaired by a Cellan Jones omental patch. There were 5 mortalities due to septicaemia. Conclusion: Duodenal perforations still account for an important cause of surgical emergency in third world countries like ours. Use of analgesics, alcohol, tobacco and trauma are the leading cause of duodenal perforations. Indiscriminate use of NSAIDs, steroids, alcohol and tobacco addiction leads to peptic ulceration. The earlier is the treatment, the better will be the result

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Dr. Mritunjay Kumar, Dr. Apurva kumar Rajan Duodenal perforation� A prospective study of one year Indian Journal of Applied Research,Volume : 6 | Issue : 10 | October 2016

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