Volume : VIII, Issue : IX, September - 2018

Dylan Thomas: Critical Reception

Arindam Ghosh

Abstract :

 In this article I planned to explore the critical reception that Dylan Thomas got. Thereby we will be able to understand the distinguished position that he held as a poet. In his initial career he was simply viewed as a nature–rhymer. But latter on he salvaged himself with his unique and original approach to nature. He sang for nature but he approached nature from the point of view of the elemental and actual nature. Critics have found that the presence of ‘death’ in his poetry has primary importance. But overall it does not make his poetry gloomy and pessimistic. Death in his case appears in the optimistic sense of return of the body to the elements. Through the work of the critics we can understand his progress as a poet in his whole career. The symbolic difficulty of his poems is often charged with as difficult and oblique. But some critics argue that this lyrical genius only tried to explore the mystery of this complex web of interrelations among the species. So we find it difficult. 

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