Volume : V, Issue : II, February - 2015

E–Hrm: An Innovative Tool for Organizational Performance

Ms. Menka

Abstract :

Technology has evolved and developed in a way that enables E–HRM to prove its significance, especially with the introduction of corporate intranets and web–enabled Human Resource Information System. Use of computer in business management was the first step that management evolutes from conventional style to the e–style. The term E–HRM is used to describe technology’s role in enabling the transformation of solely HR activity. EHRM automatically reduces a stack of papers or a document type office. E–HRM can build a transparent environment for employees and nobody can blame to E–HRM for partiality. E–HRM advances organization climate very clearly and relates to the outstanding designing of activities, improves quality and offers self–service to the employees. This paper explores importance of various tools of E–HRM which leads to easy performance of HR activities in organizations. The paper reflects the scope and benefits of E–HRM in organizations.

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Ms. Menka E-Hrm: An Innovative Tool for Organizational Performance Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.5, Issue : 2 February 2015

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