Volume : IV, Issue : I, January - 2014

Emotional Intelligence: Concept and Application in Indian Context

Anand Nagrecha, Shruti Sharma

Abstract :

Recently in HRM, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has become a popular topic of debate suggesting that EQ competencies should be given more weightage than IQ competencies while recruiting a worker as such various job related factors are thought to be correlated with it and therefore, it is necessary to study EQ & its four components. The purpose of this research study is to explore the EQ level of the working professionals in Gujarat and to understand the relations of variables such as age & gender on EQ. The methodology adopted involves descriptive field study using a structured questionnaire as the research instrument with statistical analysis to arrive at the results. The results reveal that age (variable) can predict the EQ level and that EQ is independent of gender. It is also noted that EQ level of professionals is good but there’s a lack of awareness regarding EQ skills and its importance.

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Anand Nagrecha, Shruti Sharma Emotional Intelligence: Concept and Application in Indian Context Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.IV, Issue. I

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