Volume : I, Issue : II, October - 2012

Enhancing and Sustaining Teacher Quality

Dr. E. Koperundevi

Abstract :

Quality assurance in higher education has become a global issue. The pursuit of quality is a never–ending process. Besides providing economical development, quality of higher education is also a basic investment necessary to improve the overall quality of life. The quality assured education has been undergoing radical transformation in the corporate world and emphasizes more and more integrated quality with technology to attain a higher level of performance. Since a teacher play a major role here, she should accept her profession totally. Quality education comes from quality teaching. So Teacher Quality should be enhanced by Enriching her academic expertise, Transmission of information through effective communication skill Participating in the teacher education and also the art and skill of sustaining teacher quality must be taken care which includes:Pedagogy Planning, Implementing and Counselling. For quality education . For quality she should identify best method of teaching and thereby implement it. Teacher quality beget student quality, thus improving the quality of life all around.  

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Dr. E. Koperundevi Enhancing and Sustaining Teacher Quality Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.II, Issue.I October 2012

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