Volume : VII, Issue : XI, November - 2017

Epidemiology and Predictors of Wound Dehiscence in Abdominal Surgeries

Dr Ankush Kotwal, Dr Naveed Anjum Qureshi, Dr Bikramjit Singh Sodhi

Abstract :

 Wounds and their management are fundamental to the practice of surgery, as any surgical intervention will result in a wound. Postoperative wound complications represent one of the most frustrating and difficult occurrences experienced by surgeons. Wound dehiscence (burst abdomen) is a very serious postoperative complication which is associated with very high morbidity and mortality rates. It affects the patients by increasing distress and risk of mortality, the attendants by increasing the cost of treatment and wastage of their precious time in hospital, the surgeon for whom it is a disturbing reality and the hospital resources by increasing the healthcare cost due to prolonged stay.

Aims and objectives:–

1.To find out epidemiology of wound dehiscence.

2.To evaluate various predictors leading to wound dehiscence.

Material and methods:–

The study was conducted in the Department of Surgery, Government Medical College, Jammu over a period of one year i.e. from November 2012 to October 2013 and included all the patients operated for abdominal pathologies by any incision

Inclusion criteria:–. The study included patients irrespective of age, sex, region, religion, profession, disease, type of surgery (elective or emergency), duration of surgery and type of anaesthesia.

Exclusion criteria:– Patients undergoing laparoscopic, minimal invasive urological/ gynaecological, vascular, thoracic–abdominal procedures and herniorraphies were not included, so were the patients who did not give their consent for the study.

Summary and conclusion:–Prevention is best way of managing this complication. Our study ends in following conclusions ,Prior stabilization with adequate hydration and correcting the electrolyte imbalance if any is must before proceeding for emergency laparotomies,Co–morbidities should be addressed as much they can be before proceeding for surgery.Proper sterilization should be ensured in emergency theatres too.

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