Volume : III, Issue : X, October - 2013

Focus on the Stratedies and Opportunities for Green Ecotourism

D. Ramachandran, Dr. R. Sundharaman

Abstract :

Tourism is an activity either for pleasure or leisure. There are many types of tourism. Among the various types, ecotourism has been given more importance in India due to its vast landscapes and natural resources. The Government of India and other state governments realizing the potentials of “Incredible India” have been very clear to protect the gifts of nature and its manifestation to promote ecotourism, which ings greater revenue both in terms of Indian currency and foreign exchange to the exchequer. Ecotourism has not only exerts pressure to protect nature but also paves way for cultural exchange, as India is known for its diversities. The contribution of private and government agencies of tourism in our country have contributed to the growth and evolution of ecotourism. In a developing country like India, since there is a potential threat due to huge population growth, indiscriminate disturbance to nature and industrialization, the importance of ecotourism has been felt and protective measures have been taken to promote ecotourism. The promotion of tourism has been based upon certain principles like minimizing industrial impact, spreading cultural awareness and protecting the gifts of nature. There has been a steady growth of ecotourism in our country due to the enchanting gifts of nature that has been reflected in the steady growth of tourists every year. The role of conservation to green ecotourism is more important and strategies have to be developed to promote and protect ecotourism in order to live a harmonious life with nature.

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D. Ramachandran, Dr. R. Sundharaman / Focus on the Stratedies and Opportunitiesfor Green Ecotourism / Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.3, Issue.10 October 2013

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