Volume : III, Issue : VII, July - 2014

Functional Autonomy GDLAM Protocol Classification Pattern in Elderly Women

Estelio H M Dantas, Helena A Figueira, Rogerio F Emygdio, Rodrigo G S Vale

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The Small Scale Industries in India has today become a growth engine for the economy, contributing substantially to increase in the GDP, employment and exports. The main objectives of this paper is to study the problems of SSIs in the era of global economy an attempt is also made to identify the factors affecting SSIs. In a developing country like India, Small Scale Entrepreneurship plays a significant role in economic development of the country. These industries, by and large represent a stage in economic transition from traditional to modern technology after globalization. The variation in transitional nature of this process is reflected in the diversity of these industries. The primary data have been compiled from the different sources and analytical methods have been employed for analysis.

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Estelio H M Dantas, Helena A Figueira, Rogério F Emygdio, Rodrigo G S Vale A Study on Socio – Economic Conditions of Small Scale Industries in Thanjavur District Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.4, Issue.7 July 2014

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