Volume : III, Issue : I, January - 2013

Geospatial Data Mining Techniques: Knowledge Discovery in Agricultural

Shital Hitesh Bhojani

Abstract :

Agriculture data are highly expanded in provisions of nature, interdependencies and resources. The Agricultural yield is primarily depends on weather conditions, diseases and pests, planning of harvest operation, geographical and biological factors etc. For balanced and sustainable development of agriculture these resources and factors need to be calculated, monitored and examined so that proper policy implication could be drawn. Sometimes ago data mining techniques are not used in agriculture but currently data mining and knowledge management in agriculture assisting data classification, forecasting, predictive and preconception purposes. Some type of evaluation has already been attempted for the agriculture data and till it is continuing. The aim of this attempt to write a paper is to apply the computational characteristic to the needs of agriculture data, as they are uncertain and fundamentally seasonal so use of data mining techniques be helpful in some aspect of agriculture.

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