Volume : III, Issue : XII, December - 2013

Global Crisis and Housing Erection in Economies of Today

Dr. Alexandru Trifu

Abstract :

The crisis appears or arises from anticipation reversals, only when combinations of structural causes and circumstantial elements occur. An anticipation reversal is a compression of the observed price, which is most often faster when investors overbid, also involving herd behaviors. On the other hand, the tenfold increase in housing prices, has fueled the speculations. When it is waiting that the prices of the estates to increase more than the value of the loan, it becomes obviously the trend to detain more properties than they can be occupied (for living). Romania faced a severe economic fall at the end of 2009 (unrecovered until now), registering a decline in every respect (including constructions). Constructions and retail trade registered a decline in comparison with their "boom" in previous periods and lending activity entered a deadlock.

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