Volume : IV, Issue : IX, September - 2014

Green Cover Development and Eco Friendly Move With Special Reference to Major Port City of East Coast of India–Karaikal

Mridul Umesh, Anand Shankar Raja. M

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STUDY AREA–ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Environment–the Earth–is our home, it is where we live, eathe, eat, raise our children, etc. Our entire life support system is dependent on the well–being of all of the species living on earth. Green spaces are a great benefit to our environment .Now the adverse effects on forests through over–population and the development of various chemical elements in the atmosphere have led to irregular rainfall and global warming. Mother earth has undergone serious environmental hazards during the past few decades after industrialization. Faced with limited resources and competition, few Indian industries have improved their green footprint and have converted the industrial region to go green with green cover mechanism. Green environment initiative with Clean Development Mechanism is the latest follow up by the industrial zones to protect the environment. Pondicherry a city, an urban agglomeration and a municipality in Pondicherry district is rich in its heritage and culture being ranked 16th position based on the Environmental performance Index (EPI) by the Planning Commission of India is going green with the green cover mechanism. Government has taken efforts to educate the importance of going green to a wide array of population. The government of Pondicherry is taking serious efforts to spread the importance of environment where people and industrial zones are involving in active participation in increasing the green cover mechanism .The study aims in analysing the CDM and green cover follow up with special reference to the major port city of East Coast of India– Karaikal.

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MRIDUL UMESH, ANAND SHANKAR RAJA. M Green Cover Development and Eco Friendly Move With Special Reference to Major Port City of East Coast of India-Karaikal Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.4, Issue.9 September 2014

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