Volume : IV, Issue : IV, April - 2014

Harnessing The Power of Words As An Anger Control Tool

Shilpi Gupta, Dr. Prachi Singh

Abstract :

 It is usually said that Communication comes to most people as naturally as reathing. So when someone challenges our beliefs and perceptions the first reaction is in the form of “Anger”. This paper is carried out to explore the impact of effective communication in management of one of the most common human reaction called “ANGER”. Anger management styles of today’s business students are often assessed so that they are equipped enough to face the global competition. Communication is one of the primary means by which people affect one another hence it is important to know the impact of communication therapy sessions on the control of emotions, Hence the sample of the study are 60 MBA students (prospective managers) of an autonomous private University in Raipur city. The anger quotient of Individuals was measured through a set of 20 questions adopted from Emotional Fitness Gym.

The Likert scale was used to analyze and measure the score of the respondents. The samples were exposed to an effective communication session in 4 stages. The scores of the respondent’s pre –communication and post –communication exposure was recorded and measured. The scores obtained were then analyzed using paired t–test.

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