Volume : V, Issue : X, October - 2015

Heart Beat Scanner For Smart Phones

Rohan Kelkar

Abstract :

 In today‘s world of mobile technology, every other person owns a smart phone using which he/she carries out numerous number of tasks in a day. Estimates show that almost 2 billion consumers will own smart phones by 2016[1]. Since smart phones are always carried by almost all individuals, certain health related technologies can be installed in the devices as standard such as a heart beat scanner which can prove to be life–saving in certain scenarios of emergency. This led to the prototyping of a cheap and easy to build heart beat scanner using an IR sensor interfaced with an Arduino Uno microcontroller, ‘Processing‘ software and MATLAB. This prototype has been designed to detect change of blood flow in our veins caused due to the beating of the heart, and thus give a reading of our pulse rate after undergoing the necessary calculations and filtration techniques.

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