Volume : IV, Issue : I, January - 2014

Impact of Climate Change on Human Health

Kiran Kumar, Chetan Kumar T M

Abstract :

Human pressures on the environment are damaging the world’s biophysical and ecological systems. Human actions are changing many of the world’s natural environmental systems, including the climate system. These systems are intrinsic to life processes and fundamental to human health, and their disruption and depletion make it more difficult to tackle health inequalities. Indeed, we will not achieve the UN millennium development health goals if environmental destruction continues. Health professionals have a vital contributory role in preventing and reducing the health effects of global environmental change. In the coming decades humankind is likely to be subjected to the impacts of rapid environmental change triggered, at least in part, as a result of human activities. While the balance between humans and their resources-base has always been delicate, the accelerated changes resulting from industrialization and significant global population increase over the last century have resulted in definite and sometimes irreversible damage and loss of resources. Global environmental change can be defined as a series of stress factors on the physical and biological systems of the planet. The earth’s environment has in the past been continuously subjected to various stresses through natural processes and more recently, through human interference. The so called greenhouse gases (GHGs) are minor gaseous constituents which have radiation properties capable of warming the atmosphere. Human activity through industry, agriculture, energy generation and transport, has released significant amounts of GHGs into the atmosphere since the beginning of the industrial era. A greater frequency and intensity of extreme climatic events may emerge as climate change in the coming decades. Because ecosystems, water quality and quantity, agriculture and air quality are sensitive to weather and climate, any significant and long lasting changes in the climate systems will impact upon human well being, which has subtle dependencies on climate, food security, water quality and environmental health.

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