Volume : III, Issue : X, October - 2013

Impact of Ingredient Branding on Host Brand

Ms. R. Gomathi, Dr. K. Rajini

Abstract :

The purpose of this study is to examine the ingredient anding efforts and the impact on host ands. Academic studies are gaining momentum in this direction. The new mobile phones are no more just for talking or texting, they have hardware more like personal computers today and they can carry and process data to compensate consumers’ needs when people are away from their computers. The ingredient or a component which is used in a product to define its and identity is known as ingredient anding. The term ingredient and speaks about the powerful results in the market and their inspiration to other companies continue growing to grow more about the respected ands and to continue with the ingredient and. It is due to the materials that have been used in this type of anding. The more complex hardware that Smart phones have, the more complex operating system needs arises. Android is an open–source software stack for mobile phones and other devices. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY: 1. To examine the ingredient anding efforts and market situation for ingredient anding. 2. Impact of ingredient anding on host and in terms of and equity. 3. To discuss the risks Associated with the use of Named Ingredient Branding 4. Successful Stories of Ingredient anding – An overview.

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