Volume : III, Issue : IX, September - 2013

Inspecting Insurance Companies

Dr. Sangeetha Natarajan

Abstract :

In a period of half a century and less, the insurance sector in the country has come a full circle, from being an open competitive market to full nationalization and then back again to a liberalized market, in which private players and public sector companies are on a level of playing field. Out of the significant events occurring in the US and other developed economies, there arise the need for policy makers of India to rethink their economic strategy, as this has been a period of two decades of globalization of finance. The global financial turmoil witnessed today should be considered to safeguard the interest of Indian financial system. At this juncture it becomes imperative to inspect the performance and progression of Indian insurance companies, for which determinants are identified and listed.  

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Dr. Sangeetha Natarajan Inspecting Insurance Companies Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.III, Issue.IX September 2013

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