Volume : V, Issue : VII, July - 2015

Ipsilateral Segmental Fracture Of Radius And Ulna , Treated With Closed Intramedullary Fixation:– Rare Case

Dr. Joti Bagul, Dr. Pankaj Deore, Dr. Yogesh Zadbuke

Abstract :

Segmental forearm fractures are rare in children and results from significant force. Management of such injuries is controversial, epiphyseal injuries further complicates matters. Few cases of ipsilateral segmental fractures radius and ulna were reported but they associated with dislocations or ligamentous injuries. They are managed by extensive surgery like open reduction and internal fixation with plating. We describe the case of 11 year old boy with segmental fracture of ipsilateral radius and ulna with distal epiphyseal fractures of both bones and radial neck fracture. There are case reports of segmental forearm fractures in children, fractures of radial neck and multiple epiphyseal fractures. However to our knowledge, our patient’s pattern of injuries were not previously reported in child or adult. We evaluated our management of such complex fracture pattern with closed reduction and k – wire fixation and assessed the outcome at 6 month follow–up. We achieved excellent result with less extensive surgery

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Dr. Joti Bagul, Dr. Pankaj Deore, Dr. Yogesh Zadbuke Ipsilateral Segmental Fracture of Radius and Ulna, Treated With Closed Intramedullary Fixation:- Rare Case Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.5, Issue : 7 July 2015

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