Volume : VII, Issue : I, January - 2017

Isolation of pigmented bacteria for various applications

Tejas Suryawanshi, Vineetha Nair, Pratima Patel, Annika Durve Gupta

Abstract :

 Use of microorganisms for obtaining various natural products has rapidly increased over last few years, as they are important source of many industrially important products. In the present study, pigmented bacteria were isolated from samples collected from Marigold flowers, carrots, garden soil and tomatoes. The six bacterial strains were isolated, showed intense pigment producing capacity. These bacterial isolates were studied for Gram nature and colony characters. The isolates were subjected to various biochemical tests. These bacterial isolates were tested for their ability to degrade biological and textile dyes. The bacterial isolates were also tested for hydrocarbon degrading capacity and production of extracellular enzymes like amylase, beta–galactosidase, lipase , pectinase and cellulase.The extracted pigment showed properties similar to the carotenoids which were confirmed by spectrophotometric analysis and TLC. The pigments also showed phenolic activity, antioxidant capacity and antibacterial activity.


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Tejas Suryawanshi, Vineetha Nair, Pratima Patel, Annika Durve–Gupta, Isolation of pigmented bacteria for various applications, Indian Journal of Applied Research,Volume : 7 | Issue : 1 | JANUARY 2017

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