Volume : VI, Issue : VIII, August - 2016

Japan’s Recent Initiatives and Evolving Role in the Palestine

Vineeta Bhatt

Abstract :

 Palestine peace process is a core issue in contemporary Middle East region. Japan imports more than 80 percent of its crude oil from the Gulf Cooperation Council and stability in the Middle East is of great interest and concern to Japan. Due to the instability of neighboring countries like Syria, Jordon, Yemen, Lebanon etc. and stagnation of the peace process between Israel and Palestine have resulted in serious economic situations in Palestine like rising inflation and unemployment rate of the youth. In the global dynamics of Middle East, Japan is the major economic power that has started peace building in the Palestine through promoting economic and social self–reliance. Japan has successfully taken unique initiatives with the Palestine like Corridor for Peace and Prosperity Initiative and Conference on Cooperation among East Asian Countries for Palestinian Development. This paper makes an attempt to better understand Japan’s Palestinian engagement and evolving role in the Palestine.

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