Volume : III, Issue : II, February - 2013

Measurement and Mapping of Air Pollutants in Circle–V, Hyderabad City using Geomatics

Dr. K. Santosh Kumar, Uma Devi Randhi

Abstract :

Geographical information technology has developed at a remarkable place over the past two decades and will play a key role in development of nation in 21st century. A geographical information system (GIS) based deterministic model would be created to assess the potential impact of different land use strategies for mitigating. Using a GIS, different spatial distribution maps were developed and different emissions of air pollutants were also identified. The new areas are created by implementing theoretical policies within the GIS designed to create new measurement techniques throughout the study area in an attempt to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. The methodology to be adopted for this GIS approach is classified into various steps and the division of work to different phases for more effective results was suggested in this study

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Dr.K.Santosh kumar,Uma Devi Randhi Measurement and Mapping of Air Pollutants in Circle-V, Hyderabad City using Geomatics Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.III, Issue.II February 2013

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