Volume : IV, Issue : I, January - 2014

Micropropagation Studies of Senna Alata (L.) Roxb. an Anti Allergenic Plant

Thirupathi, M. , Jaganmohan Reddy, K

Abstract :

Senna alata (L.) Roxb., an important medicinal plant, belongs to the family Ceasalpiniaceae. It is used in several ways for different ailments like skin infections against fungi constipation and intestinal worms etc. The present investigation outlines the in vitro propagation of S. alata, to develop a standard protocol to initiate multiple shoot induction which provides a good source of pharmacologically active plant constituents like chrysophanic acid, sennosides and anthraquinones which were used in an industrial level for preparation of drugs. An in vitro propagation has been investigated by MS medium containing 6-Benzyl adenine (8.8µM and 6.6µM), Kinetin (6.9µM and 9.2µM), Gibberellic acid (1.4µM) and 3% sucrose which induced maximum number of shoots and beneficial shoot lengths by nodal and hypocotyl explants. The rooting was initiated at half strength MS medium consist indolebuteric acid (7.3µM), which promoted well rooted plantlets and showed highest percentage (81%) survival in the field conditions without any morphological variation.

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THIRUPATHI, M., JAGANMOHAN REDDY, K Micropropagation Studies of Senna Alata (L.) Roxb. an Anti Allergenic Plant Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.IV, Issue. I

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