Volume : III, Issue : III, March - 2013

Mining in Odisha �A Pathway for Economic Development

Minati Sahoo

Abstract :

Mining resources in any economy plays a pivotal role in its development by helping in the growth of industrial sector as they constitute an important source of raw materials for most of the basic industries necessitating their exploration from earth. They represent the wealth of a region where they exists. It generates employment opportunities to the people, income to state exchequer and foreign exchange to the mineral producing country. Odisha is a very rich mineral beå state of India. But the extraction and processing of ores and minerals lead to widespread environmental pollution. Can Mining serve as a pathway for economic development despite the environmental externalities? Thus an attempt has been made in the present study to assess the contribution of mining sector to the development of Odisha and percolation of this development led benefit to the inhabitants of mining region in terms of employment opportunities.

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Minati Sahoo Mining in Odisha �A Pathway for Economic Development Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.III, Issue.III March 2013

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