Volume : VIII, Issue : IX, September - 2018

Mobile Banking for Financial Inclusion: An Analysis of Awareness for Mobile Banking

Ranju Kumar Bharali

Abstract :

Inclusive sustainable growth requires a strong financial system. Financial inclusion enables inclusive sustainable economic and social development of the Country. Financial inclusion stands for delivery of appropriate financial services at an affordable cost on timely basis to vulnerable group who lack access to most basic banking service. Technology is key to financial inclusion. It can take banking to masses. Among all technology led banking practices mobile banking has emerged as a most suitable technology for financial inclusion in a country like India where there is penetration of mobile. The use of mobile banking for financial inclusion depends upon its awareness by common people. Awareness in turn is effected by the socio economic profile of the people. Against this backdrop the present study is being proposed to know the awareness of the rural population for mobile banking. Here the study area is Jorhat district of Assam and the target group is rural population. Multi stage random sampling method is used to draw sample respondent and an interview schedule was constructed to collect relevant data.

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