Volume : VIII, Issue : VII, July - 2018

Mode of action of Virechana in Migraine - A Conceptual study

Suma D S, B S Shridhara

Abstract :

Ardhavbhedaka is a type of shirashoola which is explained by all acharyas. According to sushrutha headache which is present in the right or left side of the head, which is splitting, pricking or churning in nature and appeå in the intervals of either 15 or 10 days without any known cause. Acharya vagbhata mentioned that when it is greatly aggravated it destroys either the vision or heå. Migraine is a  primary headache involves nerves and blood vessels of the ain, characterised by recurrent headache that are moderate to severe affects one half of the head. Migraine can be triggered by indigestion, hyperchloridria, mental stress, lack of sleep and poor diet etc.virechana is one among the shodhana modality which is performed to eliminate pittadosha from the body through anal route. Though it is agrya for pitta dosha , it also eliminates pitta associate kapha , pittasthanagata kapha and do vatanulomana. charaka mentioned kayavirechana in the chikitsa sutra of ardhavabhedaka.

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Suma D S, B S Shridhara, Mode of action of Virechana in Migraine‾A Conceptual study, INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH : Volume-8 | Issue-7 | July-2018

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