Volume : II, Issue : II, November - 2012

Necrotising Fasciitis :– Determinants of Mortality and Management Strategy

Dr. Chakane Milind, Dr. Kshirsagar Vinayak

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Necrotising fasciitis is a serious infection of skin, subcutaneous tissue and fascia. It easily spreads across the fascial plane within the subcutaneous tissue. Necrotising fasciitis is rapidly progressing disease and delay in diagnosis and treatment is associated with high mortality. Treatment includes early surgical deidement along with oad spectrum antibiotics. This prospective study included 46 patients of necrotizing fasciitis treated at a rural hospital in last three years. There was slight male preponderance,29 cases(63.04%). 18 patients (39.13%) were in age group of 41 to 50 years. The extremities were most commonly involved site,29(63%) cases. Diabetes mellitus was the most common associated comorbidity,26 (56.56%) cases. Mean time of first deidement from time of admission was 10.13 hours. In 31 (67.39%) patients infection was polymicrobial. Mortality due to necrotizing fasciitis in study was 21.74% (10 patients). Risk factors for mortality were advanced age, more than 2 associated co–morbidity, and delay in first operative deidement.

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Dr.Chakane Milind, Dr.Kshirsagar Vinayak Necrotising Fasciitis :- Determinants of Mortality and Management Strategy Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.II, Issue.II November 2012

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