Volume : I, Issue : III, December - 2011

Non– Conventional Energy : Sources And Scope

S. C. Vetrivel, M. Mohanasundari

Abstract :

The energy crisis which began in 1973 caused petroleum supplies to decrease and prices to rise exorbitantly. This crisis forced developing countries to reduce or postpone important development programs, so they could purchase petroleum to keep their economies operating. It created the urgent necessity to find and develop alternative energy sources, such as other fossil fuels (coal, gas), nuclear energy, and renewable energy resources. There is a very long belief in the mind of people that the earth can provide unlimited supply of resources for exclusive human use, but people should realize that the earth has a limited supply or resource that has to be used by all species. Sustainable development is a concept. It underscores that rate of consumption are use of natural resources should approximate the rate at which these resources can be substituted or replaced. It further requires that a nation or society is able to satisfy its requirements– social, economic and others– with out jeopardizing the interest of future generations.  

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S. C. Vetrivel, M. Mohanasundari Non- Conventional Energy : Sources And Scope Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.I, Issue.III December 2011

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