Volume : III, Issue : II, February - 2013

Performance Indicators of Mutual Funds

Nanjibhai D. Ranparia

Abstract :

Over the past few decades, mutual funds are playing a vital role in the economic development and this industry has flourished worldwide. In the light of these developments, the objective of this review is to identify the performance indicators of mutual funds and to analyses the impact of these performance indicators on mutual fund’s performance. The study also draws attention to the contradictions in the literature in the area of examining these performance indicators which have been identified as per the available literature as performance persistence, turnover, expense ratio, asset size, load fee, investment style, mutual fund managers and the ownership style of the mutual funds. This paper elaborates the impact of these performance indicators. It has been found that each performance indicator affect the return of the mutual fund independently. This paper also discusses contradictions and the gap present in the literature regarding these performance indicators.

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Nanjibhai D. Ranparia Performance Indicators of Mutual Funds Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.III, Issue.II February 2013

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