Volume : I, Issue : XII, September - 2012

Plays And Peseant Movement: An Exploration

Dr. Ramesh A. Dangar

Abstract :

The earliest drugstores date back to the middle Ages. The first known drugstore was opened by Arabian pharmacists in Baghdad in 754, and many more soon began operating throughout the medieval Islamic world and eventually medieval Europe. By the 19th century, many of the drugstores in Europe and North America had eventually developed into larger pharmaceutical companies.Present Study is examining that liquidity performance of selected pharmaceutical companies during the research period from 2006–07 to 2010–11. It is aim to find out the financial liquidity condition by various Ratios like Total Debt Ratio, Current Ratio, interest Coverage Ratio, and Net Working Capital (days) Ratio of the selected units.

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Dr. Ramesh A. Dangar Plays And Peseant Movement: An Exploration Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.I, Issue.XII September 2012

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