Volume : III, Issue : III, March - 2013

Polyaniline, Poly–N,N–dimethylaniline and Poly–N, N–diethylaniline coatings for brass Protection

A. S. M. Diab, H. Mandour

Abstract :

The Polymers, such as polyaniline, poly–N,N–dimethylaniline and poly–N,N–diethylaniline were chemically deposited on a ass surface with an anodic oxidation by potentiostatic method. The tests for corrosion protection of the polymers coated and uncoated ass substrate were investigated in 0.1M NaCl solution by using potentiostatic polarization. Tafel polarization measurements showed, the studied polymers coating have ability to protect the ass against corrosion. Some conditions, applied potential, electrolyte composition, electro–polymerization time and monomer type, of polymer prepared potentiostatically affect on the corrosion parameters, i0  ( exchange current), I.E.% (inhibition efficiency), and P (porosity) of the polymers coated ass in aggressive medium of 0.1M aqueous solution. The all corrosion and electropolymerization experiments were investigated at 30oC in all electrolytes.

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A. S. M. Diab,H. Mandour Polyaniline, Poly-N,N-dimethylaniline and Poly-N, N-diethylaniline coatings for brass Protection Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.III, Issue.III March 2013

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