Volume : III, Issue : I, January - 2013

Potential of Terminalia Arjuna as A Source of Diverse Drugs

D. Harika, Avvs Swamy, V. Subhashini, Chrani

Abstract :

The present study on Terminalia arjuna focuses the viability of exploitation of the plant on commercial basis. The available knowledge has been substantiated by certain experiments in the current study and a comparison has been made. The plant parts viz, the flowers, fruits, and bark of Terminalia arjuna are capable of giving drugs. Tannins were found to be the chief chemical constituents present in the bark. Ellagic acid is a staple tannin. The total tannin content in the bark was found to be 55%. The parameters such as bulk density, tapped density, acid insoluble ash, WSE, ASE, Loss on drying were estimated for the bark. The plant has great feasibility for exploitation on commercial scale as it contained 63.8% water soluble extractives and 44.2% alcohol soluble extractives.  

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D. Harika,Avvs Swamy, V. Subhashini, Chrani Potential of Terminalia Arjuna as A Source of Diverse Drugs Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.III, Issue.I January 2013

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