Volume : IX, Issue : IX, September - 2019

Prevalence of Reaven Syndrome in CAD and CVA patients.

Dr. S. Srinivas Reddy, Dr. N. Sundeep, Dr G. Swarnalatha Devi

Abstract :

INTRODUCTION: The recognition of the existence of Reaven Syndorme or metabolic syndrome has developed over the last two decades, following the description of an insulin resistance syndrome or syndrome X in 1988.Depending on the definition used, the metabolic syndrome may include measures of general obesity (as reflected by BMI), central obesity (as reflected by WC or WHR), dyslipidemia (low HDL–C and / or high Triglyceride levels), hyperglycemia, high blood pressure and resistance to the action of Insulin. The increasing prevalence of obesity across the world will result in increasing prevalence of metabolic syndrome. The increasing prevalence of metabolic syndrome increases the risk for developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This study was conducted in hundred patients who presented with either CAD or CVA to know the prevalence of metabolic syndrome and its individual components as per NCEP: ATP III 2001 criteria. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES 1.To assess the prevalence of Reaven Syndrome in CAD patients.2. To assess the prevalence of Reaven Syndrome in CVA patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS:This study was conducted in ASRAM medical college, Eluru, Andhra pradesh. The study was conducted in the Department of Internal Medicine. The Study period extended between June 2017 to March 2019. All patients were thoroughly evaluated with a detailed history and appropriate investigations as per proforma. Metabolic syndrome in study subjects was diagnosed as per NCEP : ATP III 2001 criteria. INCLUSION CRITERIA: 1.Patients who had ECG and ECHO findings suggestive of coronary Artery disease.2.Patients who had clinical & CT scan findings of cereovascular accident.3.Already known dyslipidemic, hypertensive & diabetic were also included.4.Patients who smoke and consume alcohol.5.Patients with family history of dyslipidemia, diabetes, Hypertension, CAD & CVA. Exclusion Criteria: 1.Valvular Heart disease.2.Patients on Antipsychotics, antiretroviral therapy 3.Patient on oral contraceptives. SAMPLE SIZE: 100 patients (50 CAD and 50 CVA patients) RESULTS: A total of 100 subjects were included in the analysis.Descriptive analysis for age in study population:Descriptive analysis of demographic in study population:Among the study population, 22% were up to 50 years. The proportion of 51 to 60 year, 61 to 70 year and 71 and above year age group was 30%, 26% and 22% respectively. Among the study population, 61% were male and 39% were female. Descriptive analysis of Comorbidities in study population:Among the study population, 26% people had known case of diabetes mellitus and 33% people had known of case hypertension.Prevalence of substance use in study population: Among the study population, 41% people had smoker and 41% people had alcohol.

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