Volume : V, Issue : XI, November - 2015


Divya G N, Dr. P. Sudheer Babu

Abstract :

 Dahi powder is prepared by dehydrating Dahi. Freeze drying is the most accepted and studied method for dehydrating Dahi. Present study was undertaken to prepare Dahi powder by using vacuum Tray drier. Dahi (Total solids 10%, Acidity 0.25 % LA) prepared by traditional method was subjected to a vacuum of 580 mm Hg (Temperature inside the chamber was 40 ?C) for a period of 18 hours. The final product was analyzed for its physical, chemical, microbial and sensory characterestics. A good quality final product was obtained with a slight ownish colour (b, coefficient of redness = 32.76), moisture content of 6.7 %, good chemical properties (Acidity 0.3% LA, pH 3.74), acceptable microbial count [Survival ratio (N/N0) 2.14×10–4] and average overall acceptability score (7.5/10).

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DIVYA G N, Dr. P. SUDHEER BABU / PRODUCTION OF DAHI POWDER USING VACUUM TRAY DRIER. / Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.5, Issue : 11, November 2015

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