Volume : III, Issue : XII, December - 2013

Programmes for Eradication of Child Labour : An Overview of Karnataka

Dr. Nagaraj. M. Muggur

Abstract :

Children are future citizen of the country and they are the become an important future assets of the nation. Generally we found today various studies and media news highlighted that the poor children working for a living are still common and the attitude of rationalizing child labour as ‘inevitable’ and a ‘necessary evil’, is yet to disappear. A large percentage of employers continue to see their employment of children as a ‘favour’ they are doing to the children and their families to help them survive. Other causes for child labour are inappropriate and inadequate education facilities available in the rural areas, rampant adult unemployment, lower wages, and extreme poverty of some marginalized groups, increasing disparities will promote increasing of child labour. Over a period of time government had made sincere efforts even though child working could not end in the country, it is really harmful. Therefore in this paper an attempt has been made to know the recent changes in the growth of child labour, problems for their development and governments’ special programmes for eradication of the child labour has been discussed related to Karnataka state.

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Dr. Nagaraj. M. Muggur Programmes for Eradication of Child Labour : An Overview of Karnataka Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.III, Issue.XII Dec 2013

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