Volume : III, Issue : VII, July - 2013

Race, Slavery and Sexual abuse in “Gayl Jones novel Corregidora”

Dr. N. Seraman, G. Annal

Abstract :

Racial protest was the dominant impulse of the Black novelists who wrote during the thirties and the early forties. Gayl Jones has figured among the best of contemporary Afro – American writers. All of her work, it is assumed, deals with the common experience of “her race”, and she becomes the spokes woman of “her people”, a substitute voice for the members of the oppressed group, who have the same problems as she does. The writings of Gayl Jones has been traditionally received in this way. Like other Afro –American novelists Gayl Jones is customarily referred to as an “African – American novelists”.  The present study analyses the selected work of Gayl Jones novel “Corregidora”. James Baldwin says “Corregidora is the most utally honest and painful revelation, of what has occurred, and is occurring in the souls of Black men and women”. In her fiction Gayl Jones often portrays the slavery for twentieth – century African – American families where racism and sexism permeate the most intimate spheres of life, resulting in utalization of women and degradation of men. The paper analyses about Race, Slavery and Sexual abuse in Gayl Jones “Corregidora”.  

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Dr. N. Seraman, G. Annal Race, Slavery and Sexual abuse in “Gayl Jones novel Corregidora” Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.III, Issue.VII July 2013

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