Volume : IV, Issue : IV, April - 2014


Uday Kumar Kalva, A. Arun Kumar

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Mobile banking is a revolution that is driven by the world’s one of the fastest growing sectors - mobile communication technology. This study explores the issues in mobile banking perceived critical for adoption by both mobile banking users as well as non-users. With electronic banking, users can now conveniently carry out banking transactions, but this convenience cannot be achieved if the user does not have access to the internet, hence, in other words, the user cannot carry out a banking transaction while waiting for a bus, or perhaps while having lunch in a restaurant. With m-banking, convenience can be achieved 24hrs a day. This is because a user has access to his mobile phone all day, at all times. So, to effectively achieve a truly convenient banking mode, a truly mobile mode of banking has to be explored, hence the need for m-banking.

In the oader sense mobile banking is that type of execution of financial services in the course of which - within an electronic procedure - the customer uses mobile communication techniques in conjunction with mobile devices. Mobile Banking can be said to consist of three inter-related concepts viz. Mobile Accounting, Mobile Brokerage and Mobile Financial Information. Mobile Banking is an emerging alternate channel for providing banking services. India is the second largest telecom market in the world, which is having high potential for expanding banking services using mobile. In recent times, the Banking Sector has been making rapid straights by using information technology as a platform and endeavoring to scale higher heights. An attempt has been made in this paper to examine various innovative instruments that have been introduced by Banks in recent times among that mobile banking is one instrument and also explains about what are the recent trends in mobile banking

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