Volume : III, Issue : V, May - 2013

Rural Entrepreneurship–One Key to Rural Revitalisation

Dr. Ratan Barmon, Dipanjan Chakraborty

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This paper presents a role of rural entrepreneurship in rural development. Entrepreneurship can play an important role in rural development. The entrepreneurial orientation to rural development accepts entrepreneurship as the central force of economic growth and development, without it other factors of development will be wasted or frittered away. “Entrepreneur means one who creates a product on his own account, who ever undertakes on his own an industrial/trading enterprise in which work men are employed”. If entrepreneurships really encouraged in rural area it would, of course, be instrumental in changing the face of rural areas by solving the problems of unemployment, poverty, economic disparity, poor utilization of rural capacity, low level of standard of living.

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Dr. Ratan Barmon, Dipanjan Chakraborty Rural Entrepreneurship-One Key to Rural Revitalisation Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.III, Issue.V May 2013

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