Volume : III, Issue : III, March - 2013

Screening for L – Asparaginase Producing Actinomycetes from Western Ghats of Karnataka, India

Akshatha, Manjunatha. B. K, Divyashree. B. C, Amala Fathima, Priya J

Abstract :

This work was aimed at isolating novel strains of Actinomycetes from soil samples of Western Ghats of Karnataka, capable of producing L–asparaginase. Soil samples used for the isolation were collected from of Shivamogga, Karnataka. 48 Actinomycetes strains were isolated by plating soil on Starch– Casein Agar media and screened for their ability to produce L–asparaginase using Asparagine dextrose salts agar. Enzyme activity was assayed by phenate method using ammonium chloride standard curve. Purification of the enzyme was carried–out by ammonium sulphate precipitation method, followed by dialysis. Specific activity of the enzyme was found to be 1.25 IU/ml. The highest producer among the isolates characterized upto genus level by Biochemical and slide culture method having Bergey’s manual as reference. The isolate was found to belong to genus Streptomyces. Media optimization was done for submerged state fermentation and solid state fermentation.  

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Akshatha,Manjunatha. B. K,Divyashree. B. C,Amala Fathima,Priya J Screening for L‾Asparaginase Producing Actinomycetes from Western Ghats of Karnataka, India Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.III, Issue.III March 2013

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