Volume : VI, Issue : XII, December - 2016


Pandey Gagan Priya, Manna Kush

Abstract :

 OBJECTIVES : Isolation and identification of P.aeruginosa from various clinical samples and also study the antibiotics sensitivity pattern. INRODUCTION : Pseudomonas aeruginosa is non fermentative gram negative bacilli and frequently causes nosocomial infections which are complicated and can be life–threating. Polymyxin–B and Colistin are Polypepide antibiotics which is effective against P.Aeruginosal infection. Imepenem is metalobeta lactamase. And few others drugs are also effective against the infection. MATERIAL & METHOD : All clinical samples were processed immediately under standard protocol for routline culture. Blood agar, Nutrient agar are used for both culture characteristic and pigment production, Gram staining, Hanging drop test for motility, oxidase test, etc. used for the identification of the P.aeruginosa. And antibiotic sensitivity test for the sensitivity against drugs. RESULT : Polmycin–B and Colistin showed higher degree of sensitivity followed by other drugs. Pipercillin/Tazobactum and Cefeparazone/Salbuctam also have higher sensitivity among combination of drugs against infections caused by P.aeruginosa. CONCLUSION : Polymyxin B and Colistin are most effect against skin, eye and ear infections whereas Pipercillin/Tazobactum and Cefeparazone/ Salbactum are also against infections against P.aeruginosa

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Pandey Gagan Priya, Manna Kush, SENSITIVE DRUGS AGAINST PSEUDOMONAS AERUGINOSA INFECTION IN RURAL REGION OF RAJASTHAN, Indian Journal of Applied Research,Volume : 6 | Issue : 12 | December 2016

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