Volume : I, Issue : I, October - 2011

Social Scars Of Global Warming: Environment Challenges: A View

Dr. V. Rajam, Malarvizhi. V

Abstract :

Global warming has become the most important and controversial issue in international environmental relations. Global average temperature has increased between 0.30c and 0.60c (0.5 to 1.10 F) over the past century. The modern civilization constitutes a very dense network of sub–units unable to form a well functioning system. It has become huge and highly complex. Unless it conforms to the laws of nature and evolves feed back mechanism to get over systematic problems as and when they arise, it is sure to crash sooner or later. The present study underscored the need for evolving strategies to combat global warming and popularize non–renewable energy sources of eco friendly life styles. Efforts were taken at international consensus on environment development for which India has shown its response to achieve a balanced development at global level by the name sustainable development, highlighted in the present study.

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Dr. V.RAJAM, MALARVIZHI.V Social Scars Of Global Warming: Environment Challenges: A View Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.I, Issue.I October 2011

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