Volume : III, Issue : XII, December - 2013

Studies on antioxidant activity in medicinal land races of rice

Suvarna Rani Ch, Mini M. L

Abstract :

Free radical–induced oxidative stress is the root cause for many human diseases, naturally occurring antioxidant supplements from plants are vital to counter the oxidative damage in cells. The main objective of the present study was to characterize the antioxidant potential of rice grains obtained from different medicinal landraces of rice: Njavara, chennallu (from Kerala, Kavuni, Veeradhangan, Kathanelly (from different districts of Tamil Nadu). Methanolic extract of dehusked rice grain–powder from five medicinal landraces of rice; Njavara Chennallu, Kavuni, Veeradangan, Kathanellu were used to study their in vitro antioxidant activities by scavenging of 1,1–Dipheny1–2–picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical. Rice grain methanolic extract from Njavara, Chennallu, Kavuni, Veeradhangan, Kathanellu showed the significant antioxidant potential by scavenging of 1,1–Diphenyl–2– picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical and IC50 values for scavenging DPPH were in the range of 3.37–7.77 mg/ml. The antioxidant activity was increasing with increasing amounts of extract. Compared to the released varieties, medicinal landraces are having higher antioxidant potential. The result of the present study showed that highest antioxidant potential is in Veeradangan followed by Kathanellu, Njavara and Chennallu with equal of free radicals of DPPH. In conclusion, it is conceivable that the medicinal landraces of rice could be exploited as one of the potential sources for plant – based pharmaceutical products. Normal 0 false false false EN–US X–NONE X–NONE

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