Volume : VI, Issue : XII, December - 2016

Study of clinical and radiological profile of neurocysticercosis in children in Eastern Bihar.

Dr. Ankur Priyadarshi, Dr. Mukesh Bihari

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 Background: Neurocysticercosis (NCC) is the most common helminthic central nervous system (CNS) infection in developing countries, and is the most common cause of symptomatic epilepsy worldwide. Aims and objectives: The main objective is to study the clinical profiles as well as radiological findings including number, stage, size and location of the lesion by using CECT of ain. Methods: In the present study total 52 patients were selected for study within a period from April 2015 to March 2016 coming under definitive or probable diagnosis of neurocysticercosis as per the revised diagnostic criteria for neurocysticercosis. Contrast enhanced CT scan (CECT) of the head was done in all the children included in the study. Results: Almost all the patients included in the study presented with seizures. Among seizures type, 35(67.3%) children presented with partial seizures, whereas 17(32.6%) children presented with generalized seizures. On CECT ain single lesion was present in 47 (90.3%) patients. Parietal lobe was the most common 34 (65.3%) site involved in our study. Colloidal stage, observed among 33 (63.4%) was the most common stage of NCC. As far as size in concerned, 27 (51.9%) of the patients, the size of lesion in CECT ain was 5–10 mm, in 18 (34.6%) it was <5 mm. However, the Size of lesion in CECT Brain was >10 mm in only 7 (13.6%). Conclusions: Most of the children with NCC presented with variety of clinical features including seizures, headache and vomiting. Among them seizure was the most common presentation. Among all types of seizures, partial seizures were more common than generalised seizure. On CECT ain solitary lesions were more common than multiple lesions while Colloidal stage was the most common. Most of lesion involved parietal lobe

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