Volume : IV, Issue : X, October - 2014

The sorption behavior of organophosphate pesticide on zeolite

Richa Gangele, Yogesh Pandey

Abstract :

studies on restriction of pesticidal movement in contaminted soil and water are reported here . sorption isotherms could be well described by the material. Sorption of Methyl parathion on Bentonite thermodynamic parameters for sorption have also been calculated to predict the mechanism of sorption . the FTIR analysis and thermodynamic studies exhibit the possibility of hydrogen bonding between the substrate and the pesticides molecule.it has been found that varying the sorptive properties of synthetic aluminosilicates results in immobilization of pesticides in a contaminated soil and protection of soil and water by using the aluminosilcates as pesticides carrier in slow release formulations. Hydrated aluminosilcates can sorb more than 100% of their weight in water and the swelling phenomena influences the ability of soil to supply water and nutrients to growing plants [1]. the sorption behaviour of pesticides in soil mineral s is important in evaluating their possible distribution in environment while desorption characterisitics indicate the potential for reducing their availability to vegetation through which it enters into the human food chain . the bahaviour of pesticidal residue depends strongly on the extent to which they are retained in minerals, which further depends on sorption and desorption of soil mierals sorption and desorption depends on temperature , soil minerals composition and pH [2,5] . after sudying the bahaviour of pasticides in synthetic aluminosilicates , it is possible to synthesize these minerals in a way that helps in the in the degradation of pesticides by holding it for a longer peroid at least till it completely gets degraded[6] . the present studies are devoted to sorption and desorption behaviour of Methyl parathion with Bentonite to control the movement of pesticides in soil .

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