Volume : II, Issue : II, November - 2012

Uncertain Data in Application– A case Study

Mr. Vishal K. Pandya, Dr. Dhaval R. Kathiriya

Abstract :

The appeå or found everywhere of uncertain data in modern–day application has outputted in a growing require for techniques or methods to work with such type of data. This work addresses challenges in managing uncertain data in principled, usable and scalable way. The arrival and growing importance of several new applications fields, information extraction on the web, integration, scientific databases, sensor, data management and de–duplication. Available DBMSs do not support uncertain data. This work develops techniques or methods to incorporate uncertainty in data.

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Mr. Vishal K. Pandya, Dr. Dhaval R. Kathiriya Uncertain Data in Application- A case Study Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.II, Issue.II November 2012

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