Volume : III, Issue : I, January - 2013

Women Entrepreneurship: A Global Perspective

Dr. S. Ganapathy, C. Mayilsamy

Abstract :

Women Entrepreneur may be defined as a woman or a group of women who initiate organize and run a business enterprise. The number of women entrepreneur are increasing all over the world but the entrepreneurial ventures in developing countries are quite low when Entrepreneurship is growing nearer in developed countries like united states ,united kingdom and Canada unfortunately such is not the case in developing countries like Albania, Zambia and India where women entrepreneur are growing at a very slower .By seeing that the difference is ,growth in women entrepreneurship around the world is due to change in perception, social and economic conditions existing in the countries, with this backdrop this paper has made an attempt to present the global perspective on women entrepreneur from the global perception ,the characteristics, motivation and problems which women entrepreneur face the kind of information and their growth

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