Volume : III, Issue : VII, July - 2013

Yellow and White Flowered Variants of Aerva Lanata: A Phytochemical Variation Study

Mammen Denni, Daniel Mammen

Abstract :

White and yellow flowered variants of Aerva lanata were analyzed for various classes of compounds in order to study the extent and cause of variation between them. Cold extraction of the plant material was performed using methanol to extract free phenolics while hot extraction in mild alkaline condition was done to extract bound phenolics. Total Phenolic Content assayed using Folin–Ciocalteau method showed similar phenolic content. Methoxy kaempferol has been identified for the first time in the flowers of both variants. The yellow variant showed slightly higher flavonoid content than the white variant, especially when subjected to mild alkaline extraction using Na2CO3 solution. Phenolic acids identified were similar except that melilotic acid was found only in the yellow variant. Chlorophyll content estimated in the white variant was very high as compared to the yellow counterpart. HPLC fingerprint comparison of the methanolic extracts revealed phytochemical variation in the two samples.

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Mammen Denni, Daniel Mammen Yellow and White Flowered Variants of Aerva Lanata:A Phytochemical Variation Study Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.III, Issue.VII July 2013

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