Volume : VII, Issue : I, January - 2017


Dhanalaxmi Dhanpal, Sriramachandra Murthy. P. V, Sreenivasa Chowdary. J

Abstract :

 The diagnosis of neck masses has long been a challenge to radiologists. Many small but critical structures pass from the head to the thorax through a region that is compact, yet remarkably flexible, i.e., the neck. A thorough understanding of the gross anatomy of the neck is needed to communicate findings precisely & generate a meaningful differential diagnosis. High resolution B–mode sonography has improved and has become a very valuable tool in the diagnosis of neck masses. Sonography is commonly the first imaging modality of choice after clinical examination as it is a cost effective procedure. It provides valuable diagnostic information with high degree of diagnostic accuracy. Ultrasound is also useful in needle aspirations, since it can guide the position of needle in relation to lesion.

Ultrasound is an ideal modality for evaluating a palpable paediatric neck masses  as it is a non–invasive procedure, has no radiation, requires no sedation or intravenous contrast, due to its easy accessibility it is helpful in characterizing congenital, inflammatory, vascular, and neoplastic lesions.

In our study, we describe the usefulness and reliability of sonographic findings combined with FNAC findings for the selection of additional imaging modalities like CT & MRI which can be applied more judiciously.

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Dhanalaxmi Dhanpal, Sriramachandra Murthy.P.V, Sreenivasa Chowdary.J, THE DIAGNOSTIC ROLE OF ULTRASONOGRAPHY IN EVALUATION OF NECK MASSES., Indian Journal of Applied Research,Volume : 7 | Issue : 1 | JANUARY 2017

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