Volume : VIII, Issue : VIII, August - 2018

Normoalbuminuric Diabetic Kidney Disease – an often missed entity

Dr Sayak Roy

Abstract :

One of the serious complications of diabetes is diabetic kidney disease (DKD), linked with renal impairment and cardiovascular disease. There is an increasing prevalence of DKD indiabetic patients and is the principle cause for chronic kidney disease globally. Proteinuria, especially microalbuminuria was identified as an early marker preceding decline in renal function.It was proposed that DKDtypically follows a sequence of hyperfilteration, microalbuminuria, and decrease in renal function with gross proteinuria and finally renal shutdown. The advent of better treatment modalities and contribution of other pathological factors, have altered this sequence with identification of many subsets of which normoalbuminuric diabetic kidney disease (NADKD) is one. This review attempts to summarize the clinical presentation and etiopathogenesisof patients having normoalbuminuric diabetic kidney disease as well as identification of novel biomarkers, which can provide critical diagnostic and prognostic information and facilitate proper treatment and thus reduce this disease burden from society.

Article:Download PDF Journal DOI : 10.15373/2249555X

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Dr Sayak Roy, Normoalbuminuric Diabetic Kidney Disease – an often missed entity, INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH : Volume-8 | Issue-8 | August-2018

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